You Are Flawed, But You'll Be Fine.

by rationale.

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recorded on our own, no label budget. fan & self funded. thank you.




released May 17, 2019

All music written and recorded by rationale.
Engineered by Joe Taylor
Mixed by Jon Markson
Mastered by Jason Livermore @ Blasting Room
Cover photo by Dan Lambton

rationale. is Dan Lambton, Joe Taylor & Ryan Rumchaks


all rights reserved


Track Name: Are You Still Listening?
watch as the reason tends to fade
do we really need to act this way,
on the outside in utter confusion?
take a look while you're throwing shade
without something creative to say
as a marker of disillusion

do you know what you want for anybody else but yourself?
do you feel alive while your heart is ticking time?
'cause i could give you everything,
but then you'd never learn a thing
are you hearing me?
are you still even listening?

stop as the cycle tends to stay in constant disarray
on the surface we offer seclusion
cross into every other lane
as the lines always tend to stray
for all of your amusement
Track Name: Space Angela
gradient declines
you can see me from point A to B and C
witness every leaf fallen from their tree,
they're barren
like me

set the pace to which we waste our time tonight
"you've been different,
when's the last time you were happy?"
how much of myself can i keep to myself?
"you're so distant,
can you say that you've been happy?"

it doesn't warrant this behavior
"it's sad that you have to prove a point this way..."
no words to cut like knives
like all of my worthless advice

a life or lackthereof
are you really home if you don't see anyone?
size makes a difference,
but small talk is still small
Track Name: Co-Occurring
we soften our swords for each other
as we anxiously await other offers
we soften our swords for each other
even though we may not be able

i was an island,
and you had something left to give
i felt a hurry between us
that screwed us in the end
you're a muse as you're used to being use
and i'm the artist that's distant from progress

i fell in love before
because i thought love was real
it did nothing but fuck me up
"it showed you how you shouldn't feel"
so show me

i couldn't idle
as you could sit through anything
i felt that time was against us
and it fucked us in the end

i'm here
begging you
just show me
Track Name: Timestamp
two sides of a coin
two fights i side with
disguise the demons we timestamped
a selfish act that i'd placed my bets on
two sides i placed my bets on
two sides of a fight i force fed
the lines been crossed a thousand times
yet we move on
Track Name: Pick Me Up Ltd.
it hasn't been that long since time would flash-bulb burst
and burn off into the sun
now the days just seem to drag on
and i can't say that it's easy
to miss you like i do
when time missed is time in lieu
you can't take that back,
can you?

i wish you and i could both just fly away
to a place where no one else could reach us
like when i was young
just know my heart won't sway
if you can't clip your wings and stay
we'll meet again above the stars
and soar like turtle doves
when my time is up

so now the smoke left on my clothes is all i've got
to hold a feeling that i thought that i had lost
and i can't say it's been easy
to hit the southside in the summer time
but i drop by every time
Track Name: Flawed, But Fine.
i wish i had the guts to knock my teeth out
make a new set or let the blood run dry
continue to cover up these feelings i hide
overconfidence can let these thoughts out
from the rooftops that feed this idle drive
it doesn't take much to see the highs that i ride

is this how you see me?
is this what you think of me?
"you're nothing but a burnout,
living off the backs of all your friends"
"everyone's wondering how high this guy can get"

i thought i had the sense to clear my head out
bottle up the words and let them lie
subconscious acts to leave it all behind
it takes some heavy shade to air my dreams out
from the seeds that sprout from an idle mind
it doesn't take much to see the lows that i hide

and in your own regard,
no matter what you say,
you are flawed
but you'll be okay.
and in every line,
no matter what you write,
you are flawed
but you'll be fine.
Track Name: Hangnail
imagine a sea of screens
anything they see,
then pan to a shot of me
questioning everything.

get out if it means you'll be happy.

it's a brand you burnt into my back,
a blistered reminder
of why I'm where I am.
twist my arms as much as you're twisting my words.

i don't think i'm the horse you want to bet on
or a person to have faith in,
i just filled in the dotted line.
now I'll hide behind the paint.
get out if it means you'll be happy.

there's no way i could make anyone happy.
i'm callous from how this has rubbed off me.
it's not as hard as you'd think,
being made out of stone.

i wish i had this poetic poise,
an articulate finesse.
i'm too clumsy
and the words escape me.
i'm hazy
and any passing thought can displace me.

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